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Few interesting facts and myths about wearing a mask

If you don’t work in health-care or similar industries, wearing a face cover on a standard premise might be arduous since you are not used to it. However, people are now becoming accustomed to it as it is mandatory to put on a mask whenever you go out in the open. Indeed, face masks are essential to slow the spread of COVID-19. 

How face masks decrease the rate of spread of the infection?

From the ongoing clinical trials, people are now aware that one can be infected with the virus even if they don’t show any symptoms. However, it escalates the chances that you might get in contact with the infected person unknowing of his condition. That implies that the virus can spread between individuals who are nearby while talking, coughing, or wheezing, regardless of whether they have any alarming  Coronavirus symptoms. 

Hence, the professionals suggest wearing a cloth face mask or N95 masks in open areas where social distancing measures are hard to keep up, places such as markets and drug stores are highly volatile for the virus spread..

But people have turned debatable on the use of face masks. Let’s have a look at the myths and get them busted for superior protection.

Myth: You are not having symptoms, so you don’t have to wear a mask. 

Fact: Wearing a mask assists in bringing down the transmission of respiratory droplets to others around you. You should wear a face mask to secure others, and they should wear it to ensure you are safe around them. 

Myth: Wearing a cloth mask doesn’t shield you from getting COVID-19. 

Fact: A fabric mask is worn to help secure others if you have the infection. The endless number of infectious particles noticeable all around is decreased when individuals wear masks.

Myth: A face mask can help contract  COVID-19. 

Fact: Make sure to wash hands regularly, wash your cloth mask every day, and know proper guidelines of how to wear and remove the cover. This way, there are rare chances of getting the infection.

Myth: Wearing a face mask will build-up the carbon dioxide sucking out oxygen, causing oxygen deficiency while breathing. 

Fact: There is no danger of hypoxia, which is lower oxygen levels, in fit individuals. Carbon dioxide will uninhibitedly diffuse through your mask as you relax during breathing. 

Myth: If you are wearing a mask, you don’t have to follow social distancing. 

Fact: The professionals suggest that high utilization of cloth material face-mask is necessary. But that does not mean you can be in close contact with anyone or enter crowded places without hesitation.

The steps to wear a non-medical cloth mask correctly.

  1. Check that the mask is intact and not damaged.
  2. It should be snugly fitted and should not hang loose.
  3. It should not hang beneath your nose.
  4. Don’t dare to remove your mask when you have persons within 1 meter of your proximity.
  5. Your mask should not choke you, remember.
  6. Dare not to wear a wet or dirty mask; that’s of no use.
  7. Remember not to share your mask with others.

How should you wear a medical mask correctly?

  1. Dare not to forget to wash your hands before reaching out for your mask.
  2. Inspect your mask for any holes or tears.
  3. Search for the metal piece or hard edge of the mask to be worn on the top side.
  4. Make sure that the side with colour faces outwards.
  5. The metal piece or thickened edge should be placed over your nose.
  6. Cover from your nose till the chin.
  7. Avoid touching the mask again and again.
  8. If you need to remove the mask, do it from behind the ears and head.
  9. Please dispose of the mask away from reach and do not place it on a surface.
  10. Discard it, preferably in the bin.
  11. Above all, wash your hands after disposing of the mask.

It is imperative to wear a face mask and to wear it in progressive succession. In any case, do you genuinely think that it’s enough? If yes, you are not correct. A thing that adds more to your perfect protection is the right quality mask. Your next query must be from where to get that? No worries; your search for an ideal mask will end with satisfactory protection and design guaranteed at’s online portal.