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House Prices in Malta

If you have heard about the buzz surrounding the Maltese economy or you are relocating to Malta for your business, you probably want to check out the local houses for sale in Malta to get an idea of what the market is doing. Educating yourself about the house prices in Malta is the first step to finding your next Maltese home and ensuring that you get the best deal possible.

Why Malta?

Malta has one of the best performing economies and housing markets in the whole world over the past 10 years. They have experienced a flourishing economy and the results of that have been rising house prices across the whole market. One of the reasons that Malta is experiencing this economic success is because of how friendly it is to businesses and how many businesses have decided to establish a headquarters in Malta for those very reasons.

For everyone from businesses to families, Malta has become one of the world’s hottest destinations for those looking to invest in a home. It’s an excellent place to live and an even better place to purchase property for long-term investments.

Recent Housing Price Trends

In the past 10 years, Malta has been home to one of the most successful housing markets in Europe. It is outperforming many parts of the continent and the world. It has experienced a 52% housing market value increase over the past decade, good enough for the 7th highest in Europe.

With Malta continuing to thrive economically, there’s no reason to believe that the trend won’t continue. Many are faithful that Malta will continue to rise in power and influence and property prices will hold steady or incline in the immediate future.

Types of Houses in Malta

One of the great things about Malta is how diverse its properties are. If you’re looking to purchase a home in Malta, you have so many options to choose from. You can purchase a condo if you are looking for something low maintenance. You can also purchase a villa if you are looking for something very private and high-end. If you are really looking to invest a lot in a home, you might try a House of Character. These are some of the most prized homes in the country because of their rich history and ability to be turned into a spectacle of modern and antique design.

What type of home that you purchase will likely ultimately come down to what your price range is. Be sure to figure out how much house you can afford and what type of home is realistic for you before you start shopping house prices in Malta.


There’s no reason that you wouldn’t want to move to Malta in this economic climate. Whether you are a single person looking for a new adventure or a business executive with a family looking to relocate, Malta has the right options for you. Their diverse property selection and high standard of living make it the ideal location to live regardless of what stage you are in life.