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How to Effectively Use Google Trends to Shape Content Strategy?

The best way to become famous is to write about things a lot of people care about. 

This simple rule of content popularity and topic selection is relevant now, as it has been since the time people started creating content, and will be relevant in the future. If content creators are able to write or create content on a topic which is popular amongst the masses, they are likely to get better engagement. 

This is the reason why commercial movies earn more money than art films and mainstream niche websites tend to get a larger share of online traffic. 

Look at the current pandemic crisis as an example. During this period, content related to DIY segments like cooking has found many more takers because this is the type of thing people want to see right now. 

Google Trends is a tool that can be used to find the popular topics at any given moment in any given region. In this article, we discuss how Google Trends can be used to shape an effective content strategy. 

Don’t Follow Trends Blindly

The first tip to using Google Trends is not following any given trend blindly. The point SEOs who use Google Trends to shape their content strategy often forget is that the topic they choose has to be relevant to their own field of work. If an SEO is handling a website on cryptocurrency, choosing any random topic is not the right way to use Google Trends. This is why the first step is to not follow trends blindly and choose topics which are relevant.

Try to Find a Link between a Trend and the Website Niche

If a trend is not directly related to a niche, SEOs can find a viable link between the two and create content based on them. Take the example we discussed earlier. The niche of a website is cryptocurrency and the trending topic right now is the COVID-19 crisis. On first reading, both these topics have no relevance to be discussed together. However, SEOs can think of writing a piece on how the value of Bitcoin can be affected by the current pandemic crisis. Thus, this establishes a relevant link between a trend and a website niche and also drives new people to the website. 

In Conclusion

In this article, we covered some of the ways Google Trends can help effectively shape content strategy. During the COVID-19 crisis, it is safe to say that content holds the key to having a strong digital presence. Google Trends can be an effective resource in maintaining the same. 

About the Author – Arjun Singh is a digital marketing executive working at DelhiCourses.in, a top institute known for its skill-based program. In the education space, it is known best for its advanced digital marketing training in Delhi