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MAD River Oaks – Houston guide

MAD is a concept gravitating around Madrid’s famous night life combined with the most popular of Spanish gastronomy: classical and modern tapas, and rice, meats and fish cooked on open fire, where the quality of the ingredients and the candor of the preparation remain the cornerstone of our philosophy.

So here’s what to expect: Upscale (read expensive) dining in a retro 80’s almost-like decor (bathrooms have a mirror tunnel with cool lighting) with a Spanish style menu (chorizo, paella and sangria) done by overzealous chefs who really wanted to impress us with their skills by recreating every tapa imaginable in a tasting menu form. Liquid Olives, Honey Comb Gin Cocktails with Smoked Thyme, Coffee in a Chemistry Set, we mean this place is borderline ridiculous… In an AWESOME way.

Must Have:

Liquid Olives (Frozen liquid in the shape of an olive!)
Jamon Iberrico
Manchego Cheese Desert
Honey Comb Gin Cocktail (Smoked!)
Red Sangria
Any Paella (no wrong choice)
Ribeye American Wagyu Steak if you just want to hit the high score of 3000 calories in one sitting. Serisouly worth it! Visit: crackleandspice.com

Be ready to fast a few weeks before visiting (so you can afford it) and a few weeks after (so you loose the weight) and not be able to look at another tapas menu the same.

MAD has achieved something truly remarkable: They have reinvented the Tapas Menu while preserving Authenticity.