Psychedelic stocks: Why investors are turning toward them

A growing set of the available psychedelics stocks to consider from the Investing News Network.

The small-cap markets have been invaded by a flurry of psychedelics stocks to watch as a result of new company launches.

Investors now have a variety of options for taking a run in the shroom stocks space and then for researching psychedelic medicine.

In an effort to expand the capacities of the medical field, companies are starting to investigate the potential of psychedelic medicines and want to boost capital in the public market.

While this industry is still in its early stages, the promising potential of psychedelic medicine drug products has attracted the eye of savvy investors looking forward to an emerging investment opportunity.

A shroom boom is in the works, led by encouraging results from psychedelic medicine treatments for various problems associated with mental health, and in connection to potential global law changes.

Here the Investing News Network presents a current set of best psychedelic stocks to view. The following stocks are generally listed on Canadian public stock exchanges and are arranged alphabetically.
As the medical world continues to dive deeper in to the potential of psychedelic therapeutics, so too are investors seeking to cash in on the following potential boom. Investing in psychedelic stocks gives shareholders the unique possibility to enter a billion-dollar industry at the bottom level, and even though regulatory timelines remain uncertain, numerous studies continue steadily to produce revolutionary results that just can’t be ignored.

Psychedelic Stocks REAP THE BENEFITS OF Clinical Research
Investors purchasing psychedelic stocks are buying into the future of the fight against mental illness, a disorder that plagues millions worldwide. While techniques and medicinal offerings have been derived to lessen the impact of these mental diseases, most ailments remain uncurable.

Johns Hopkins University has become the frontline in the fight against mental illness, with the school currently engaged in a amount of clinical trials involving psychoactive chemicals and their effects on the human brain.

The majority of these studies see the country’s most reputable research center partnering with up-and-coming bioscience companies who want to vary the way psychedelics are perceived in society and medicinal practices.

More importantly, for investors, several psychedelic companies are now publicly traded, with a number of psychedelic stocks having just made their debut on the major US exchanges as well.

Psilocybin stocks have been a popular target for several investors, as the psychoactive chemical mostly associated with magic mushrooms has been at the forefront of the psychedelic therapeutics movement.

There are, however, lots of companies exploring the potential of similar psychoactive chemicals like DMT, ketamine, and mescaline, all of which have been proven to stimulate desirable effects in the mind.

Identifying Psychedelic Stock Winners
Headlines don’t always produce returns, but those choosing to purchase psychedelic stocks are wise to monitor the pulse of ongoing clinical trials. Announcements of scientific partnerships with medical research centers also have seen share prices respond positively, as they give validity to both chemical being studied and the brand behind the product being tested.

Given the infancy of the industry, patents and proprietary technology can also play an integral role in identifying which psychedelic stocks supply the most promise, as everything from the molecular makeup of the product to the method of delivery can be patented.

Take Cybin for example, as the biotech firm has devised a distinctive under-the-tongue dissolving film to provide the correct dose of psilocybin within their CYB-001 program. Cybin in addition has received regulatory approval for CYB-004, an inhaler system that also gives a dose of psilocybin.

Cybin is one of the leading psilocybin stocks, and the group recently debuted on the brand new York Stock Exchange, trading under the symbol CYBN.

Currently trading in the $2.30 range, investors have made Cybin an industry darling, with some analysts placing a $10.50 price target on the psychedelic stock.

While timetables for regulation remain difficult to predict, these lofty price targets claim that analysts forecast an eventual explosion on the market as legislation paves the opportinity for widespread adaptation in to the world of medical therapeutics.

As with any investment, these risks are impossible to eliminate. However, groups like Cybin show the telltale signs of your psychedelic stock poised for success.