The Lexus SUV: Quick Guide

Choosing the right SUV for your lifestyle in San Rafael can certainly be challenging. With all the latest technology and safety features on the market, getting the right combination can seem like an impossible task, but with Lexus, you don’t have to choose. Explore a generous lineup of capable luxury SUVs that make navigating the streets of the Bay Area simple. Browse the new lineup today to meet your ideal match.


When you choose to drive a Lexus SUV, you’re choosing a vehicle with the latest in powertrain, design, and technology innovations that make the streets of San Rafael safer. Comfort-wise, Lexus drivers will be consistently surrounded by premium materials, ergonomic and functional storage space, and the angular exteriors that Lexus is known for.

Powerful and activated drivetrains intelligently mix turbocharged horsepower output with smooth handling and curve-hugging responsiveness. You’ll find greater peace of mind with smart safety and driver’s assistance features paired with configurable technology assets that give you a consistent view of your vehicle’s performance and surroundings. Expect a high standard of safety and connectivity through systems like Lexus Enform, an on-the-go security capability.

Of course , each Lexus SUV is designed for a driver with particular needs. If you’re part of a large family in Marin County and require three rows of seating and plenty of interior space, your best choices lie in the Lexus LX, GX, or RX. The Lexus LX is the largest and most feature-loaded of the bunch, while the Lexus GX retains its full-sized stance at a lower cost. If you still want three rows but would enjoy the flexibility of a midsize stance popular on the roads of the Bay Area, the Lexus RX is yours.

Compact lovers will enjoy the sports-oriented stance and agile powertrain found within the Lexus UX. Or, if you desire something that falls in-between, enjoy a luxurious and spacious interior in the five-seat, midsized Lexus NX, which blends many of the admirable qualities of the others in the lineup into one, with the option for a hybrid engine.

Set your budget
No matter what level of vehicle you’re shopping for, knowing how much you want to spend before you dive too deep is a good idea. When you’re planning out what to spend on a luxury vehicle like the Lexus NX 350, make sure you factor in how much you will spend on the fuel type it requires, routine maintenance, and required insurance.

Choose new or used
One of the best things about luxury cars is that they’re built to last, making a used model a very possible option. When you shop with us, we’ll help you consider both our new and preowned Lexus inventory to find the best fit for you.

Consider a lease
Cars are evolving so fast these days, gaining advanced features and new driving options with every model year. If you value always having the latest and greatest vehicle in your garage, talk to us about leasing options. You won’t own the car you drive home from us, but it makes it so much easier to upgrade your ride every few years.

Decide on your required features
Another factor to consider before you contact the dealership is what features you really want in your luxury car. This could be something as simple as leather seats or as specific as horsepower or cargo space. Don’t forget to think about what technology features are most important to you. If you choose a new Lexus model, you’ll end up being happy to know that the Lexus Safety System+ technology comes standard on all 2020 and newer models.

If one of these luxury SUVs sounds right for your life, stop by your local Lexus of Marin dealership. Our friendly staff of Lexus enthusiasts, just off the 101 freeway would love to help you meet your dream model.