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What is a Parcel Drop Box and Why is it Becoming Popular?

When building or renovating your home, there are several aspects that you need to pay attention to. While the aesthetics of the new home is a dominating thought, nothing is more important than the safety and security of the residents.

Undeniably, many people are spending additional time indoors because of the strict pandemic regulations of social distancing. And because it’s not business as usual, especially while shopping, homeowners need to target more about how to reach their packages and also protect them. Even though the e-commerce market has always been significant, there’s no doubt that the pandemic made it spike. As per the 2020 report, 77% of consumers want home deliveries for his or her purchases. So, including a parcel drop box in your home will make life smoother in several ways. Continue reading to determine more.

Significance of a Parcel Drop Box

Without a doubt, you can take several measures to ensure your package reaches home safely. One of the best solutions to secure your package against theft is installing a parcel drop box for home. A lockable parcel box could keep your deliveries safe when compared to other devices such as alarms and security camera systems.

Also, drop boxes tend to be more convenient than postponing deliveries or using alternative addresses for pickup. You could have another parcel box in the driveway or a sizable wall-mounted post box as a homeowner. So long because they are outside, they effectively receive your deliveries. Sounds good, right?

Why is a Parcel Drop Box Necessary?

The following are a few points that establish the value of any parcel drop box and also become reasons why you should look at installing one:

  • Peace of Mind

For any home builder, balancing function and form is crucial to home design. First, your home should be visually appealing. But more importantly, it will comprise in-built defences that bring the owner peace of mind. However, most homebuilders forget to consider package delivery in the designing phase. Lack of a secure delivery box in a home can is a risky move. Just to be safe rather than sorry, residents and homebuilders need to ensure secure package delivery. It could help to buy a lockable parcel delivery box for a lasting and conclusive solution to this stressful issue.

Better still, there’s an advanced option of by using a parcel drop box. The features of smart lockboxes over the normal secure box include;

  • They feature 24/7 cloud-based video surveillance. This allows the outdoors parcel box owner to confirm deliveries created by the correct delivery agent or courier. In addition, it will likewise show any malicious or suspected try to stop the delivery.
  • It is straightforward to connect with other smart home devices such as Google Home and Amazon Echo. This can help the homeowner add another home environment feature to smart parcel delivery.

After living with post boxes for home, residents wouldn’t want to return to the traditional delivery system.

  • Develop Community Assurance

While community assurance is a solid idea, it relies mostly on the sense of mutual security. That’s why when one individual in the neighbourhood has theft-resistant measures, everyone benefits.

Most importantly, it would be best for each and every home builder to concentrate on the possibility to improve their home’s security. This is not only for the homeowner’s sake also for the complete community. Using the increasing number of parcel thefts, the possibility to create a safer community appears.

It would be best for the constructors to buy parcel boxes that are better and advanced for home buyers. That is if they need to beat the competition.

Undeniably, secure delivery boxes positively affect a community. However, this impact is merely possible if the house developer for multi-family housing invests in post office secure delivery. The increase in e-commerce has caused an improvement in parcel delivery services.

According to several eCommerce predictions, the quantity will continue rising with $7 trillion global earnings estimates by 2024.

If even a single homeowner takes measures to safeguard against theft of package deliveries, more folks will establish a sense of safety and will consider it. By installing drop boxes, residential communities will reap the next benefits:

  1. Many safe and secured deliveries by the courier. The dropbox can accommodate different box sizes and hold most deliveries.
  2. Time-saving by community managers allocated to categorizing and allocating packages
  3. Perishable parcels such as groceries, flowers, meat, and medications, can be safe in a chilled parcel locker

Because the benefits are noticeably many, the residents can also come together for parcel drop box DIY. Using this method, they are going to make several with different specifications befitting their needs and preferences. Fortunately, parcel box images can be found online to work with for the DIY project.

  • Secure Parcel Delivery

There are many ways to ensure and improve the security of a home. However, among the very best strategies is the inclusion of parcel boxes. These lockable mail delivery boxes are ideal in deterring porch pirates. They are the ones who steal entrance deliveries from various houses immediately after the courier leaves.

Secure delivery boxes could keep parcel thieves and nosy neighbours from your delivery. On top of that, eliminating package theft is likely to make the recipients feel relieved about any incoming deliveries.

The risks of parcel theft are significant, including identity theft. While losing belongings is painful and brings a loss, it is possible and easy to buy the same things again. However, matters of identity theft are serious and complicated. Imagine someone committing fraud with your documents? It becomes hard to prove your innocence and claim your identity back. They are just one of many reasons why you must install a dropbox.


Your packages are important and safe delivery makes it a smooth transaction. While video security cameras will capture the porch feed, it won’t stop them from stealing your deliveries. Besides, catching them following the theft is another tedious process that is long and arduous. The best way to ensure your plans get to you safely is by purchasing a parcel dropbox. As the proverbial saying goes, prevention is much better than cure. Preferably, you shouldn’t leave your deliveries vulnerable to thieves. Instead, select the best package drop-off service for your home’s security. Don’t forget to require stylish drop boxes which also add to the aesthetics of your property!