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Your Skincare Routine

OIL-BASED CLEANSER – Korean women typically use two cleansers, you start with an oil-based cleanser to remove oil-based cosmetic, SPF and other impurities (since water repels oil). This enables for effortless cleaning alternatively than tugging at your skin layer to remove that last bit of mascara.

WATER-BASED CLEANSER – Following with a water- based cleanser removes any leftover residue and leaves skin supple. The main element is to discover a soothing solution that won’t remove or dry your skin.

Korean toners change from other toners because they’re meant to hydrate, moisturize, and balance your skin’s pH level after purifying. This reflects Korean beauty traditions, which is steeped in natural ingredients passed down from technology to generation. This tradition carries on today with formulations that have a tendency to shun harsh chemicals and bring from the Earth instead.


Though formulated with varying viscosities, essences tend to be a little more fluid and less focused than serums. Their main goal is to moisturize your skin and make the almost all of the serums that follow. Think about your skin layer as a sponge: once it’s plumped up with normal water, the rest absorbs easier.


Serums & Ampoules
These products are designed with substances that goal specific needs by skin type, such as fine lines, lack of firmness, hyperpigmentation and dehydration. You could customize your strategy here, adding or eliminating products as the truth is fit. You should use them in any order, but generally thicker, more viscous products continue later.


EYE CREAM – Your skin around your eye is thinner and more easily dehydrated, so it should be cured with a cream specifically developed to safeguard, nourish, brighten or de-puff.

MOISTURIZER – A moisturizer suitable for your skin layer type creates a hurdle that will lock in all the beneficial materials you’ve just applied, rather than letting them evaporate out of your skin layer.


SPF (A.M. ONLY) Sunscreen is huge in Korea, and rightly so. Each morning, finish off your Personalized Skincare program with the dedicated sunscreen or a BB cream or cushion compact that includes SPF.
Use a gentle, non-irritating exfoliator 2-3 times weekly to promote cell turnover, unclog skin pores, enable better product absorption and keep epidermis looking youthful. Koreans often use gommage peels that allow dead epidermis to simply spin off with a variety of botanical and super fruit extracts.
Sheet Masks
Single-use sheet masks are designed with the same substances as serums, but are more of an “a la carte” version which you can use as necessary. An excellent arsenal of sheet masks enables one to customize your daily habit depending on how your skin layer is feeling.