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The Backpackers’ Guide to Hanoi in Vietnam 

The world’s island destinations can still offer travelers and environment lovers the luxury ofexperiencing nature at its finest form. But for people, especially exhausted corporate zombies looking for a place to relax, backpackers wanting a low-key destination, and even those people simply looking to spend some of their passive income from their mutual funds or CFD trading, Hanoi in Vietnam is among the many places that tourists still visit up to this day because of its simplistic beauty and rich culture and history. 

A Place for Culture and Exploration

If you want to experience the tradition-rich destination, you can do so by finding rentals housed in

the narrow streets of the main town. Hanoi has a high regard for tradition that evenits newly-built infrastructures blend well in its overall look and are centered on preservation. Youcan walk up on the streets and explore the traditional homes and temples. Hanoi also has great hostels, coffee shops, and Western eats blending seamlessly with local markets, cathedrals and lakes to keep you well and truly absorbed in Vietnamese culture. 

Budget Travel through Hanoi

For sweeping views of this once French colony and other scenic sights around Vietnam, you can see

them without having to ride taxis because they can really burn your wallets. You have the optionto rent a bicycle or hire a motorbike for an affordable price in the area. From there, you canalso get a free map of the city, so you will have a sweet, cheap ride and explore the areawithout having to rent a car. The city has also set up motorcycle drivers that you can hire,so you will not have to worry about riding in narrow, winding roads. It is also more ideal to ride amotorcycle in Hanoi especially during summer because it can be quite crowded with cars with thenumber of tourists visiting this Asian paradise.

Dining at Hanoi’s Street Food Stalls

Hanoi is also home to a diverse number of places to eat ranging from snackbars, coffee shops to formal diners. If you want to grab a quick gourmet meal without staying awayfrom the main city, there are family-owned restaurants and even local vendors peddling street food like spring rolls, phoas, iced shakes, and vegan dishes that are just 15-minutes awayfrom your hostel. For better cultural experience, you can get sandwiches or a steaming bowl of soup at nearby snack bars ownedby the polite locals. If you plan to drink with your buddies or are willing to fork up some of your earnings from your stock investment, CFD trading, or mutual funds, you can support Hanoi’s local breweries by purchasing local craft beer to go with your meals.

Hanoi is genuinely a history and adventure traveler’s haven because it offers a list of exciting activities

that its visitors can enjoy. Hanoi might still be a capital city in Southeast Asia, but the old town is very well preserved, still embracing the traditional atmosphere of times gone by. The walls are painted dusty yellow, temples appear around every corner, and it is definitely pretty easy to get lost in a maze of its backstreets charm and feel like you have used a portal into another world.